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Every week sees us clocking on and clocking off from our 9-5. We spend one third of our life at work after all. It comes as no surprise that many of us struggle with mental health issues related to the workplace. Furthermore, many individuals in senior management have an untrained eye of the mental health gap that exists within their own team.

Poor mental health conditions of workers will guarantee not only a ripple effect on the overall mental wellbeing of the entire workplace, it will literally cost your business money. Decreased productivity, unplanned absences, incidents, and workplace bullying are all proven to be connected to lack of attention to workplace mental health.

Incidents cost money, from investigation teams having to travel to site, members of the investigation team taken away from their normal duties to down time of machinery and plant, it all costs money.

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How We Can Help.

Educating workplaces on how to address their mental health culture is the foundation of why we exist.

We have seen a massive gap in mental health knowledge in the workplace, and our focus is to improve on this and educate and empower people. This is the driving force behind our training and workshops, each carefully designed to promote positive mental health in the workplace and set employees and their families on a positive mental health journey towards growth and productivity.

Gaining a footing on your employee’s mental health is not difficult, you just need the right tools to get there. We are here to help you.


Begin Your Workplace Mental Health Journey with Team Training.


Tackling mental health education head-on will lead to positive outcomes for both management and staff, preventing avoidable issues. By building an environment that is conducive to wellbeing, your organisation will reap the benefits.


A growth mindset culture will allow employees to grow and develop, without the fearful connotations of failure. By encouraging growth through tackling challenges and using failure as a learning opportunity, you are giving employees confidence.


Healthy workplaces strive to bring out the best in all of its staff. By emphasizing the development of sound mental health practices, a company can expect to attract and keep top talent.

Safety Mindset

By creating a safety mindset in the workplace, a company is internally, and externally communicating that employee health and safety is a high priority.

Mental Health

An atmosphere of mental wellness can transform any workplace into a hub of innovation, creativity, and strong teamwork. A healthy workplace should involve employees of all levels working in cohesion. When an employee knows their employer is motivated and interested in helping them then the right culture and an increase in positivity will follow.

Our Workshops.


Our training is for employees, employers, and organisations. By educating your workforce on mental illness, mental health and wellness, each worker can begin their personal mental health journey towards positive changes.

Promoting positive mental health in the workplace will lead to employee and workplace growth, with increased productivity and motivation and less absenteeism.  For employers, understanding how mental health can directly impact the productivity of your team can make all the difference in your overall company output.

Everyone can benefit from mentally healthy workplaces beyond day-to-day performance. Mentally healthy workplaces encourage prevention of mental ill-health or illness and connect workers to support early to improve their own or that of their family’s recovery.

Here are a few key benefits of workplace mental health training:

Decrease in work-related injuries and illnesses

Decrease in workers’ compensation claims

Thriving workers

Increase in productivity

Decrease in absenteeism

Increase in engagement and job satisfaction

Decrease in turnover and selection costs

Increase in attraction of top talent

Each one of us has a pivotal role to play in the overall wellbeing of our workplace. A mentally healthy workplace is one that promotes workplace practices that support positive mental health. It is also one that eliminates and minimises psychological health and safety risks through the identification assessment and control of psychosocial hazards.

It is a workplace that builds the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of workers to be resilient whilst also supporting the recovery of workers.

MHJA is located in Perth, WA but cover the entirety of Australia. We have Mental Health professionals on the East Coast, in South Australia, the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Incidents, complaints, absenteeism, high staff turnover, poor safety culture, increased EAP access and increased work cover claims can indicate there may be an issue within the workplace. To encourage mental wellness in the workplace you first need to recognise the risk factors that could negatively impact the wellbeing of employees.

Many mental health risks relate to interactions between various work elements, the amount of work, communication levels, managerial relationships, organisational environment, and the support available. A lack of clarity over the tasks required for example can negatively affect mental health in the workplace, as can poor communication between employees, and a lack of control over your own work. Essentially all these issues cause stress, and over time these high stress levels can transform into serious mental health conditions.

We are here to cater our workshops to you as this experience is about your team. This means we can come to your workplace or alternatively, we can come to a place which suits you or you can take advantage of our online training.

MHJA places emphasis on flexibility and our primary goal is to create a positive impact for your workplace. When speaking to our team, please let us know what is convenient for you and we will be happy to accommodate.

MHJA works with both Blue and White collar industries, from resources to boardrooms our trainers can empower your workforce in mental health. 


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