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What Motivates Us.

We spend one third of our lives at work. Given how much work contributes to our mental wellbeing, both good and bad, it is important to recognise that good mental health can greatly improve work productivity when managed well! We see a massive gap in mental health in the workplace, and our focus is to improve on this and educate and empower your employees.

This is the driving force behind the MHJA team training and workshops, each carefully designed to promote positive mental health in the workplace and set employees on a positive mental health journey towards growth and productivity.

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My Mental Health Journey.

Everyone has a mental health journey that is shaped who they are. My name is Darryl, and here is my mental health journey. I first suffered mental health issues whilst serving in the army, at 35 I left the Army and began studying to become a nurse.

Through my work as a mental health nurse and in the resource sector within the Occupational Health & Safety field, I began to see where workplaces were failing in their employee’s mental health. I decided to educate myself further on mental health and formalised my mental health qualifications with a Post Graduate Degree in mental health nursing to sit alongside my Post Graduate Degree in OHS.

I am extremely passionate about mental health, because like many others, I have experienced it personally and I also have an extensive family history of mental illness.  To this day I also work, whenever I am able, within mental health as a casual nurse at Royal Perth Hospital. My varying life experience has made understanding people a strength of mine, leading me towards developing MHJA with a focus on promoting positive mental health in the workplace.

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Your Mental Health Journey.

The most important factor about MHJA is how it enables employees to help themselves. By educating your workforce on the signs and side effects of mental illness and wellness, each worker can begin their personal mental health journey towards positive changes.Promoting positive mental health in the workplace will lead to employee and workplace growth, with increased productivity and motivation and less absenteeism. To tackle employee mental health, you need to address it head on, and education is the only place to start. With a range of specialised resources, workshops, and team training available, MHJA has the tools you need to start your mental health journey.At MHJA we have identified four main topics that your workforce needs to know about, they are:

Underneath the four main topics sit a whole suite of other educational workshops that will assist your employees with the day to day challenges they face.

At MHJA we believe in educating your workforce not only for their own mental health but that of their family as well. This assists in empowering your employees to address issues at home so they can be more productive and settled at work.

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