Growth Mindset and Mental Health

Learn How to Achieve Growth in the Workplace Through Addressing Mental Health.

Workplace Growth Mindset and Mental Health Development.

The benefits of a healthy work environment are truly endless, and a lot of positivity stems from encouraging the strong mental health of each employee. By improving mental health in the workplace, you are creating happier workers who are more productive, motivated, higher achieving and who are turning out better quality work more than ever. 

Creating a sustainable, healthy work environment gives employees the means for self-actualisation, where they can support themselves and achieve growth in the workplace with confidence. Such an environment means less absenteeism and an overall increase in productivity and satisfaction for the entire workplace

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Poor Mental Health Condition in the Workplace.

One of the greatest downfalls of having poor mental health conditions in the workplace is the permeation of a fixed mindset ideology. This negative outlook is essentially the assumption that change cannot be made in any meaningful way, and that success is the only way to measure intelligence and character.

Success in every task is virtually impossible to achieve, so when failure hits it can be devastating to the work performance and productivity of employees with existing mental health conditions if in an atmosphere of fixed mindsets. This emphasises the importance of good support systems, communication, and clear and achievable tasks to create overall workplace wellbeing.

Growth Mindset in the Workplace.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, a growth mindset culture will allow employees to grow and develop, without the fearful connotations of failure. By encouraging growth through tackling challenges and using failure as a learning opportunity, you are giving employees confidence and self-sufficient work habits.

Linking a growth mindset and mental health will result in employees taking it upon themselves to complete work on time to a high standard. A workplace should be invested in long term growth and not chastise failure; this support will greatly improve mental health in the workplace and lead to positive outcomes across the board.

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How to Improve Mental Health in the Workplace through Growth Mindset.

To establish a successful pattern of a growth mindset and mental health amongst employees, the best place to start is by encouraging staff to learn from their mistakes and use it as an opportunity for self-development. Berating employees for failure only worsens mental health, leading to lower self-confidence and more issues.

This outlook needs to become part of the entire workplace culture, so employees support one another and bring this positivity with them as they grow upwards into management. Teams that feel bolstered will be more innovative, creative, and open to positive changes – all leading to better quality of work and growth in workplace.

Mental Health Journey Workshops.

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