Mental Health in the Workplace

Learn How Mental Health Training Can Help Your Workplace.

Mental Health Training in the Workplace.

Poor mental health conditions of workers will guarantee not only a ripple effect on the overall mental wellbeing of the entire workplace, it will literally cost your business money. The estimated cost to the global economy is a breathtaking US$1 trillion per year thanks to lost productivity and unplanned absences related to mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. 

Establishing mental health education in the workplace will pave the way for the mental wellbeing of your employees by reducing the stress factors that worsen mental health, like bullying and harassment. All this will lead to increased productivity, less withdrawal and absenteeism, and lower staff turnover.

Mental Health Risks in the Workplace.

To encourage mental wellness in the workplace you first need to recognise psychosocial hazards that could negatively impact the wellbeing of employees. There are 8 known psychosocial hazards according to Safe Work Australia they are:

Essentially all these hazards cause stress, and over time these high stress levels can transform into serious mental health conditions.

So how do we control these eight identified psychosocial hazards? These 8 psychosocial hazards require risk assessment and measurable achievable controls implemented. This is achieved by training your managers. supervisors and individuals that have been identified as future leaders within your organisation in psychosocial hazards and mental health.

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Mental Wellness in the Workplace.

An atmosphere of mental wellness can transform any workplace into a hub of innovation, creativity, and strong teamwork. A healthy workplace should involve employees of all levels working in cohesion, with great communication and a clear prioritisation of the health and safety of everyone.

By focusing on promoting mental health in the workplace, and addressing all psychosocial hazards, productivity will be increased thanks to reduced absenteeism and a lower staff turnover.

Reducing work-related risk factors will improve employee wellbeing, and happier staff will have a stronger mental state that brings with it more confidence, the ability for self-actualisation, and a willingness to work smarter and harder.

Mental Health Training for Your Workplace.

Tackling issues of mental health in the workplace requires a solid educational foundation in order to set a clear standard. Incorporating mental health training in the workplace will create an atmosphere of openness and understanding.

MHJA offers a range of evidence-based group workshops for employees, employers, and entire workplaces that can be tailored to suit specific requirements. We focus on the main areas of mental illness including stigma, recovery and resilience. Each workshop is designed to help workers learn together about mental health issues and how to maintain mental wellness in the workplace. At MHJA we also realise not all mental health issues are caused by the workplace but the workplace can exacerbate existing issues from home.

Therefore, MHJA workshops focus on other stressors such as family issues like children and their development, financial issues, and relationship issues, to name a few. Because of our experience, MHJA can direct your employees quickly to services that will make real change in their lives and the lives of their families which ultimately means a safer and more productive employee.

At MHJA we take the guesswork and endless searching for your employee away and provide the help they need in navigating an overly complicated mental health system.

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