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Learn how To Build A Mentally Resilient Workplace.

Resilience and Mental Health.

In life, the only constant is change. A person’s situation, circumstances and everyday challenges will consistently change yearly or even day-to-day. These changes can be good or bad and at times, might seem overwhelming. How someone reacts to changes and challenges is often described as a person’s resilience.

Mental health resilience is a person’s ability to overcome adversity or challenging times in their lives through a variety of factors. Someone’s inner strength, family, friends, or supportive workplace, all contribute to developing and maintaining strong resilience.

A person’s resilience is a key factor in maintaining good mental health as it is often due to unforeseen changes and our inability to adapt or meet them, that lead to increased anxiety, stress, and depression.

A person can acquire and improve their resilience throughout their life journey.

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Building Resilience in the Workplace.

Degraded mental health in the workplace is common, and many of the causes are well known and obvious. Factors like long hours, unfriendly or unsupportive colleagues and management or high-stress projects are common but sometimes unavoidable. Other factors like poor communication, unclear tasks or little appreciation can also contribute to poor workplace mental health.

Resilience is important in managing stressful situations at work. When they arise, a person’s resilience can help them overcome and adapt, whilst also enabling them to prevent these situations from occurring again.

Building Resilience can be achieved by knowing your strengths and remaining confident in yourself, developing good workplace relationships, knowing when to ask for help, speaking up for others and knowing your limits.

Mental Health Resilience.

The benefits of a workplace that actively encourages good mental health through resilience building can have profound effects on individuals and the company itself.

Resilience enables people to meet workplace challenges with confidence, which leads to a healthier state of mind and an increased ability to solve workplace problems.

Empowering staff with good resilience will ensure they are healthier, more productive and will create a more enjoyable workplace for everyone.

Companies that care about staff’s mental health, often enjoy better working conditions, more engaged and loyal staff and reduced costs in absences and staff turnover.

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Workshop Outline.

A day long Workshop focusing on Resilience.


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